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We offer a SaaS based risk, lending and lead management software allowing financial service providers to focus on their business goals.

Build your FinTech business with us! Our professional tools will enable you to grow and implement ideas faster than ever before.

Solutions enabling you to focus on your business

We are an experienced software development team focused on creating solutions for financial services and risk evaluation. Having previous experience with building, integrating and supporting various technical solutions and banking services, our skills and knowledge let us help our customers focus on their business goals and service their customers with minimum efforts on the technical tools.

Extremely configurable, yet easy to use

All offered products are highly configurable, providing adaptable and flexible outsourced solutions for the changing information technology environment. That allows you to make adjustments quickly and effectively whenever the business needs a change.

High scalability and freedom to change technology

Our solution includes several products, which are connected to each other, but also work  independently. Therefore, you can choose and use only products which you need and which are not covered with already existing solutions. You can also easily expand the list of products, if the need  appears.

What we offer

Get to know our products

Risk Management

Risk related products are suitable for collecting data about your customers from assorted sources, managing data requests and decision-making models and flows, detecting problematic data and keeping received infor­mation in a safe and compliant way.

Loan Management

Our loan management tools allow to determine customer data, request and save conditions, manage loan products and appli­cations, and service workflows and handle client rela­tion­ship infor­mation according to business and legal rules.

Lead Management

Lead management solutions cover lead generation and admini­stration options, providing tools for managing customers and partners flows, setting ping trees, managing commu­nications and requesting or collecting data related to these processes.